Ineza Foundation Wishes All Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2021

Noheli nziza

As we wrap-up the year 2020, Ineza Foundation reflects on the ups and down of this exceptional year, where the unexpected happened, the Covid 19 worldwide pandemic, disrupting and challenging everyone, no matter who or what their situation in life is.

As we look back 12 months ago, during December 2019, we were working on celebrating the holiday Christmas children theatrical drama: “Christmas We Believe In,” with The Ineza Foundation and Calvary Chapel Rwanda’s Amaliza Children Program. So this year we had plans to do a similar Christmas plays but like so many worldwide events it was not to be, due to Covid19 pandemic restrictions.

However, we continue looking for opportunities to serve others while complying with the current health guidelines where we are dedicated to help in the prevention of Covid 19.

During this year despite the pandemic, we donated 9,958 new books to the communities of Kimihurura, Rafiki/Nyamirambo, Kanseke, Sunzu Yacu, Gisagara, Nyamasheke, Shangi, Rulindo: (Shorongi, Kiruri, Kanyoni, Burega, Rusiga), and others.

Ineza Foundation also provided and distributed 1,200 Covid Food Care Packages during the lockdown, as well, dispensed 350 Healthcare Benefits.

We also advocated for the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition and take this opportunity to congratulate the 2020 winners. We hope to have a winner from Rwanda in 2021. See details of the QCEC 2020 Award Ceremony where Gasave Public Park Community Library was featured.

As we move forward to 2021, we will continue to advocate for literacy by distributing additional reading resources into much needed communities aiming to promote Early Child Education (ECD).

We thank all our Partners, Donors, and Beneficiaries as we work together for sustainable development and as we tackle illiteracy and the Covid19 Pandemic crisis.

Together we can make a difference and overcome these hard times.

Ineza Foundation Team